Our Story


 FlasKap was born to innovate the way we drink. To allow you to conveniently make mixed drinks while on-the-go. We set out to consolidate the components of liquor, mixer, and ice into a single handheld system. This means you can enjoy your drink of choice, exactly how you like it outside the confines of your home or the bar. These days, that comes along less than it used to. so whether it’s relaxing by the beach while the kids make sand castles, or in between holes playing a Sunday 18 with friends, we need to be prepared.

So, we created the perfect way to pack, dispense, and responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages anywhere life brings you. #BeyondTheBar 

A Weekend on the Trails with the Ultimate Drinking System


Friends, Family, Kids, and Adults alike can all appreciate carving fresh tracks through untouched powder for an entire weekend. To start the New Year, we spent a beautiful weekend snowmobiling with friends and family in the backcountry of the west with nothing but unlimited snow and sleds. Witness the laughs, wheelies, wipeouts, drinks, and unforgettable moments.