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What you want, where you want.


Your night shouldn't end until you say so.


Chill, don’t refill

Less fuss. More fun.

Customized Drinking

Now you’re the bartender and the happy customer.


No more lugging around a bottle, and no need to bring a heavy cooler full of ice and mixers.

The Reserve Tank

Extend your drink. Extend your fun. Mix your drink and take an extra 5 shots with you.

Save Time, Save Money.

No more missing the encore. No more paying for overpriced cocktails.

Forget The Shot Glass

We measure so you don’t have to. Dispenses ½ of a shot with every press.

Drinker Discretion

This is about enjoying your preferred drink in plain sight.

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What Guides Us

Life is fun.

We celebrate good times, good company, and great mixed drinks.

Get outdoors.

Find adventures. Explore, and take your mixed drinks along while you’re at it.

American made craftsmanship.

Quality craftsmanship for a quality product and drinking experience.

Drink responsibly with discretion.

Drink low-key, discreet and enjoy expertly measured mixed drinks.


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