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What is my FlasKap 5.0 made of?

Where is my FlasKap 5.0 made?

Is my FlasKap 5.0 Dishwasher Safe?

Should I use my FlasKap 5.0 for long term storage?

How much does my FlasKap 5.0 Hold?

How much does my FlasKap 5.0 dispense every time I push the button?

What tumblers are FlasKap 5.0 compatible with?

My FlasKap 5.0 fits tight on my Tumbler, is that normal?

Can I use a straw with my FlasKap 5.0?

Does FlasKap make a larger version to fit tumblers greater than 20 oz?

Does FlasKap fit YETI®, RTIC® or HydroFlask®?

Can I use FlasKap to store and dispense liquids other than drinking alcohol?


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