The Madic System

This system is complete with two lids: a leakproof snapback lid for your everyday coffee, and the Madic™ Liquor Kap for cocktails.

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How To Use

The Madic System includes the Madic Kap and the Volst Tumbler. The Madic Kap holds extra spirits and dispenses exactly 1⁄2 a shot every time you press the button. Drink-through technology allows you to dispense and sip without removing the Kap from your tumbler. Whether you're heading to the beach, the golf course, or the tailgate, this reserve tank keeps extra servings at your fingertips.

 Each Volst Tumbler includes a Standard Lid. This leak-proof lid is great for daily use, including coffee and water.  The Volst is double-wall vacuum insulated, cup holder-friendly, crafted from kitchen-grade stainless steel, and coated in premium dishwasher-safe paint to last a lifetime. The Madic Kap is crafted from BPA-free high-quality materials. 

The Madic 6 System includes a 6oz reserve tank and a 22oz Tumbler. The Madic 9 System includes a 9oz reserve tank and a 30oz Tumbler.

Coffee to cocktails

Swap the Madic for the standard lid, and enjoy a leakproof daily tumbler.


The Madic Features the highest quality food-grade components. No BPA, just BYOB.

The The Madic System has a 5.0 star rating based on 90 ratings


  • What is the difference between the FreePour and the Madic?

    The FreePour allows you to create your cocktail on the fly by customizing each sip. Take a shot, chaser, and anything in between. On the other hand, The Madic allows you to control your cocktail by dispensing 1/2 shot into your tumbler. Carry extra servings and enjoy the perfect pour every time.

  • Does it fit my tumbler/bottle?

    Both the Madic and FreePour Kaps are compatible with popular drinkware brands. See our Full compatability chart here.

  • Where are the FreePour and Madic made?

    We take pride in our commitment to manufacturing in the United States. We choose this not only as an investment in quality products but also in our community. Your support not only sustains us but also strengthens our network of domestic manufacturers and suppliers.

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